Friday, April 4, 2008

Why should i compare myself to others??

I've always wonder..why am i not as great as other people..??why don't i have the natural talent to play a piano or a guitar?or why am i not as good at cooking like other people i know..??

All this questions have always lingered in my mind since i was in high school..for example, i am not satisfied at the fact that my friends and my sister could learn things better n faster than i did in school..but that was..sooo, sooo yesterday..(n i really mean YESTERDAY..many years ago..AGO..haha)

Now that i've grown up a little bit..i realised that it meant nothing to compare myself to others..all of us have our own weaknesses n strenghts...i have my own strenghts why should i bother if other people can do certain things better than i did..a little childish don't u think?? obviously, those things that they do better than me are their strenghts..not mine..for some reasons..

So, a little advice here..don't compare urself to other people..comparing will just make u get a step back(huh??)...making u think twice to act n moreover, it lowers ur self confidence level..
many disadvantages there haa?? don't..don't n don' urself to others..hahaha..

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